MBCFI Ilin and Ambulong Islands Comics Project

This is a comics project we did for MBCFI (Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc.) for their effort to educate the people of Ilin and Ambulong islands about forest conservation and ways how to participate. The script was created by MBCFI, the drawings and colors were done by us. This comics will be distributed to Ilin and Ambulong islands since there are limited electricity in the area. MBCFI's dedication to educate people about environmental conservation is remarkable. It has been our privilege to be part of this wonderful and thoughtful project. 

MBCFI: http://site.mbcfi.org.ph/

Here are some pages of the comics:





MBCFI Project Lead: Ms. Grace Diamante
MBCFI Resource Manager: Mr. Geoff Tabaranza
MBCFI Project Coordinator: Jeff Ryan Nobleza and Kyle Cielo
Comic Artist/Penciler/Inker: Ralph Daryl Cedro
Color: Primitivo B. Felias III
Admin: Erica Grace T. Cabanilla


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