Good day people. We have the privilege to design yet another website. Woohoo! E-Marketing is a SEO and Internet Marketing company based in Los Angeles California. The website design is a rebranding of the Captain Marketing website

They are committed to the value of what they do…and it shows. In an evolving marketplace where the data is constantly changing, They are ahead of the curve with innovative programs and new ways of achieving better results for their clients. With affordable programs, personal, friendly service and solid experience, Captain Marketing work hard to ensure that there clients don’t just meet their goals…but exceed their expectations for their service.

The website is designed to make clients have more immediate access to information regarding Captain Marketing. The previous website design has many drop down menus and buttons to click before people can get the information. In this simplistic and straight forward design approach, potential customers can have access to information right away and may help increase conversions. With this clean and sleek design, potential customers have less distractions and can see the information that they are looking for right away. It was design with SEO in mind using the wonderful Wordpress template Enfold. 

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The mission of Amihan Studios is to showcase Filipino Identity - its values and culture by producing original multimedia designs and video animations to inspire nationalistic endeavors for social and cultural development. 

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