This is a project of UP Diliman College of Music. Ikotoki Para is a sound exhibit. This exhibit is a trajectory of Dr. Christine Muyco and associates project to archive the sounds of the Campus by riding on Ikot and Toki jeepney. The idea is to create a sound sculpture that is as big as the Campus. We were asked to do their website for their exhibit and other marketing materials such as logo and banner. The website will be launch on February 21, 2014.

Works exhibited are collaborative projects between students from different colleges and student composers from the College of Music (Conemus). They have collected sounds from the campus and used it as materials and inspiration for the composition.

The exhibit has two platforms. One is a physical installation and the other is on the internet. 

From February 27 to March 1 listening stations will be installed on six waiting sheds along the Ikot route. 

Waiting sheds on these Ikot stops will be the listening points:
(0) University Avenue-entrance;
(1) College of Science-entrance from CP Garcia
(2) Vinzon’s Hall;
(3) Asian Center;
(4) Shopping Center;
(5) Ylanan Ave 

The exhibit will only be available on these schedules and limited slots:

Feb 27 4PM
Feb 28 9AM and 4PM
Mar 1 9AM and 4PM

We are very much excited to listen to the sounds of UP from different students and colleges. This is such an ambitious work and we are greatly honored to have an opportunity to participate in this one-of-a-kind sound exhibit. So watch out for the exhibit and cheers to a great listening everybody!

You can visit their website at

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