This is a Drone Base concept by Erik Tzok. He asked us to make a 3D animation about it. Hope you like it.

DroneBase Description:
The DroneBase, is an elevated pit stop and fulfillment platform around city locations. The DroneBase system supports drone delivery service by supplying the delivery drones with power/battery charge stations around the city via the installed chargers and pre charged battery packs.

The DroneBase features an automatic battery removal and installation of low charge to high charge batteries. 

The DroneBase performs a drone distress relief service by providing an immediate landing platform for those airborne and along the flight path of a DroneBase.


Production Team

Client: Erik Tzoc

Production Lead: Primitivo B. Felias III

Script: Erik Tzoc

Production Coordinator and Screenplay Editor: Erica Grace Cabanilla

3D Artist: Primitivo Felias III

Animation and Editing: Primitivo Felias III


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