This is another video that we did for PatentZilla, the first intelligent Social Networking site in the world, where ideas come to life. You can build and share your ideas. Collaborate with other innovators and form a network of ideas!

Amihan Animation Studios love ideas! Ideas that ignite other ideas. Ideas that inspire people to take action, or just simple ideas with a potential to change the world! We encourage ideas to circulate and share to other artists and innovators with the hopes of rejuvenating the local animation industry to produce original Filipino concepts and animations.Filipinos are very talented specially when it comes to the Arts. Many Filipino artists are performing in the most prestigious broad way shows, dance shows and large animation studios like Pixar or Disney. But we seldom produce our very own contents and concepts that showcases who we are as a culture. That's what Amihan Animation Studios is aiming to strive for. We want to create locally produce animation content that showcase our culture, identity and values as a nation. We want to inspire other artists and studios to do so as well and help contribute to the ever growing tides of the creative industry. Luckily, there is an annual Filipino animation festival called Animahenasyon that encourages young Filipino animators to showcase their work. This festival is actively supported by government and private sectors with the aim to uplift the original content creations of the local animation industry, provide as a venue to young animators to exchange ideas and show the creative talent of the Filipino people in animation.

Do you have an incredible idea?What are you waiting for? Let your creative juices flow and make your dreams a reality. Let it be known to the whole world that we are capable in generating extraordinary ideas! Let your ideas fly!

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The mission of Amihan Studios is to showcase Filipino Identity - its values and culture by producing original multimedia designs and video animations to inspire nationalistic endeavors for social and cultural development. 

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