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Flash Interactive Designs are Actionscript-based design with graphical user interface that organized your data and lets you navigate your brochure in a more engaging and fun manner. It creates an engaging portal experience for users, ultimately achieving the business goal of lowered support costs for the organization. It also helps you drive client engagement with your brand. This is very useful in promoting your business, idea, or presenting your product.

With the development of the internet and digital content, there is a great need to develop a good interactive design. Our goal for Flash Interactive Design is to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible in terms of accomplishing user goals. We would like to create and give you a great experience in interacting with systems. We want to focus more on the usability of the design without compromising the objective why it was made. We do this by structuring information that is intuitive and user-friendly with appealing and relevant visuals. Effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction are the things we keep in mind in designing your Flash Interactive Designs (FID).


Features and Specifications

*Intuitive visual interface 

*Easy navigation

*1440 by 900 screen resolution

*Can be played via the internet or offline

*Compact, informative and effective in engaging your customer

*Complete with video animation about your company or service

*Creates client engagement with your brand

*Best for client presentations and meetings to represent your brand/identity



Are you ready to step-up in reaching your audience?

1. To begin, please fill out our Order Form with all the information that would help us understand your business. Or you can set a meeting with us via skype or a place near you to talk about your idea and give you an estimated quotation. :)

2. Once we talked about your desired designs/output and your mind is at ease, we can now sign contracts to start the project with you.

3. We will make 2 design studies in JPEG format. This may take 2 to 3 business days to finish.

4. We will email you the 2 design studies and take your time to comment about the color scheme, layout, fonts and choose 1 design that you really like.

5. Once you've chosen a suitable design, we will now create a prototype of your Flash interactive design. The production of the prototype may take 3 to 5 business days to finish.

6. You can provide feedback on the prototype. We do encourage you to try to experience the whole interface.

7. We will do the necessary revisions up to 3 times.

8. Once you approved the interface. We will give you the final functioning Flash Interactive Design plus the Photoshop (.psd) files of the designs.


NOTE: Please deposit 30% down payment prior to project commencement and the other 70% after the Flash Interactive Design has been made.


Thank you so much and God Bless you all!




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The mission of Amihan Studios is to showcase Filipino Identity– its values and culture by producing original multimedia designs and video animations to inspire nationalistic endeavors for social and cultural development. 

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