This is a project that we did for MBCFI to visualize the ruined house that was in a Mangyan village in Mindoro to be the office of biologists, mountaineers and people who want to participate in the conservation of the environment. We did all the modeling, texturing and camera animation on this project. We also designed and modeled the Directional Signage and Directory that will be erected on the site which serves as guides for visiting mountaineers, biologists, environmentalists, and enthusiasts. This renovation project would also help Mangyan locals to have an extra source of income and livelihood with the supervision of environmental NGO's such a MBCFI. This is just the first step in a very big project to help conserve the environment of Mindoro.

This project is purely for visualization purposes only.

Magandang balita na sinisimulan na itong gawin sa isang Mangyan village sa Mindoro, kasama ng local government doon and iba pang NGO's. 


Director/3D Artist: Primitivo B. Felias III
Project Manager: Geoff Tabaranza
Editing: Primitivo B. Felias III

Admin: Erica Cabanilla


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