3D Visualization

3D Visualization

3D animation provides a completely different stimulation for the senses which maximize visual impact. Depending on the size and complexity of your scene, the production time will vary. Transitions and special effects are applied during post production. The final output can be delivered in any industry standard format from web friendly mp4, HDTV, move, wmv, DVD to Blu-Ray. Present to your clients via your website, YouTube, Vimeo or any digital media of your choice.

Using technical data provided by clients (autoCAD drawings, 3D files or Blueprints) we can generate a set of realistic images. Pricing is not dependent on the amount of images. The size and complexity of the scene to be created will determine the cost. We provide as many images as are necessary to show the scene or product.


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*Amazing HD Animations

From a simple walk-through to a complex simulation, HD animations are a great tool that expand on still images. We are able to generate content in a series of formats, such as 720p, DVD, Youtube standard and for smartphones.




1. Fill-out our Order Form with all the information that would help us understand your business. Or you can set a meeting with us via skype or a place near you, to talk about your idea and give you an estimated quotation. :) 

2. Once we talked about your desired designs/output and your mind is at ease, we can now sign contracts to start the project with you.

3. You will provide us your blueprints and we will turn it into a 3D object(s). 

4. We will put it in a 3D environment and add a little post-production touches like visual FX(if needed), sound, audio, color correction etc. This may take 5 to 10 business days to make, depends on the blueprint.

5. Once it is finish, you will receive the very first version of your 3D visualization version1.

6. You can then give feedback on the 3D visualization & ask for revisions up to 3 times. Pls. take your time in making your comments.

7. We will revise the 3D visualization draft as per your feedback. Your version 2 of the 3D viz will come within 3 to 5 business days (depends on the revisions). Lastly, you can provide feedback on this set of concepts based on color, layout and text changes. We will modify the 3D viz according to your requirements.

8. And finally, once you approved the animation, we will send you the final rendition in 720p HD quality MP4 format along with high-quality JPEG renders of the different perspective of the 3D viz. 


NOTE: Please deposit 30% down payment prior to project commencement and the other 70% after the animation has been made.


Thank you and God Bless!




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The mission of Amihan Studios is to showcase Filipino Identity– its values and culture by producing original multimedia designs and video animations to inspire nationalistic endeavors for social and cultural development. 

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