98B COLLABoratory hosted the animation workshop conducted by painter and animation artist Matsumoto Chikara. This was produced by independent curator Sayako Mizuta and supported by: The Japan Foundation Asia Center and Arts Council Tokyo.

I had the privilege of participating in this animation workshop conducted by the Japanese painter and animation artist Matsumoto Chikara. The workshop involves 20 person divided into 2 groups, the drawer and the poser and has 2 stages. In the first stage, the first 10 people poses in front and the other 10 draws the poses. We were then asked to switch places and repeat the process until we arrive at the final frame. The second stage was more interesting, where we draw the in-between frames of everyone's drawings and use our imagination to connect the drawings which is fun and really creative. We were like kids playing together in a single project, which I like. No need to be an expert, no standards to meet, just plain creativity at play. So basically, we had a glimpse of the animation process that was use since the time of Walt Disney and Chikasa-san made his own twist to it by involving people and making it fun in this rather difficult and complicated process. Thus, I coined the term "Participatory Animation".

After all the frames have been drawn, Chikara-san edits the strips of drawings in his home-made, portable editor! (Nice!)

After the snacks, the waiting of the finish animation, we then had a film showing of Chikara-san's other works from other countries like Mexico and Indonesia. I really like the idea that different people, with different background most have no drawing experience got involve in this process and the output was just fantastic!

And then finally, we watched our own creation and it was marvelous to see variety and imagination from different people coming together. I love the background music by VOQ, it fits perfectly with Chikara-san's style and it has a personal touch to it by recording the voices of the people in the workshop and the amazing VOQ made it into a master recording piece. 

Thank you Chikara-san, VOQ and 98B for organizing this event. I had a wonderful time. 

The workshoppers with Chikara-san and VOQ


with the master painter and animation artist Matsumoto Chikara


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