The 7th ASEAN Leaderspeak Series entitled “The Future of Creative Industries in ASEAN”  was held at the Soriano and Velasco rooms, Asian Institute of Management on 10th February 2015.

Mr. Ronaldo del Carmen, known for his contribution to some of most well loved animation films such as Up, Finding Nemo, The Prince of Egypt, and many more, shared his experiences as an animator, storyteller, designer, and director. In addition, Mr. del Carmen has received a number of prestigious awards throughout his career, namely the Daytime Emmy Award Outstanding Special Class Animated Program for Freakazoid, National Cartoonists Society 2010 Animated Feature Division Award for the animated film Up, Annie Outstanding Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and the Eisner Award for the Best Single Issue 1995 Batman Adventures Holiday Special which was awarded to him and his colleagues Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, and others (DC).  

We were blown-away by listening to Mr. del Carmen's story of how he started as an artist here in the Philippines and migrated to America with his family. It was really inspiring and full of insight. We even had pictures with him and an autograph!

(Prime with Sir Ronaldo del Carmen of Pixar Animation Studios)


(Erica with Prof. Macaranas of AIM)

The said forum was organized by the AIM ASEAN 2015 Project under the leadership of President Steven J. DeKrey, PhD and yours truly as Co-Directors. The Project aims to assist in the Institute’s vision to become the global source of ASEAN talent, insights, and wisdom by spearheading activities such as the ASEAN Leaderspeak Series, research writing, case writing, and organizing events which aim to promote awareness of the ASEAN Economic Community.

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