Last October 11, 2014, we attended a casual meet up of IGDA Manila at Microsoft, Ayala Office Tower. IGDA stands for International Game Developers Association. It is the largest non-profit membership organization in the world serving all individuals who create games.

As an international organization, IGDA are a global network of collaborative projects and communities comprised of individuals from all fields of game development - from programmers and producers to writers, artists, QA and localization. IGDA, Manila is the local version of the said organization which aims to help local game developers, writers and artists not only to develop their game but also build their network to make their works successful.

A short program about IGDA, its upcoming event and tips for game developers were presented.

Also, some of the 4 game developers who were able to finish their game inspired the participants by presenting their respective work.


We had a great time mingling with game developers and checking out their world of full of excitement in creating their original and proudly Filipino content games.


                                                                      [Prime(left) Marlon(right), Game Developer]

Amihan Studios is very proud of IGDA in acting as a support group to our fellow super talented Filipino artists and game developers. To our fellow artists in the gaming industry, we are looking forward to see your games published and downloadable online!


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