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In commemoration of the 40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation in 2013, we are planning a media art exhibition that will travel throughout Southeast Asia.

Jointly organized by young curators and artists from each of the countries, the event will feature works by artists from Japan and Southeast Asia.

Since the rise of computer technology, media art, which makes use of video and digital technology, has become increasingly prevalent in the art world. Moreover, in recent years media art is no longer seen as a narrow field that hinges on highly advanced and costly equipment but has come to encompass a wide range of work that links familiar everyday phenomena with computer technology and has been expanding its realm. In the 1960s, Japanese artists began attempting a variety of experiments using video as an expressive means and today a new generation of artists is producing and showing extremely diverse, high-quality work that transcends genre boundaries.

After a group of young Southeast Asian curators and researchers with a strong background in media art and their Japanese counterparts jointly refine the concept of the exhibition through surveys and discussions; a number of artists and outstanding works from each country will be selected and presented in an event that will be altered to fit the specific conditions of each region. The exhibition and related programs will present interdisciplinary media art in the widest sense of the word and encompass genres such as film, digital video, anime, photography, sound, and performance (physical expression). Today, in the face of the ever-increasing globalization, by focusing once again on the indigenous cultures and spiritual links between Japan and other Asian countries through the expressive means of media art, we hope to provide an extremely up-to-date view of a variety of common themes. Further, by presenting the new field of media art, containing a host of possibilities for new developments in the future in a jointly-produced context, including both the holding of the exhibition and the process leading up to it, we anticipate that the project will spawn future partnerships between young people from Japan and Southeast Asia as well as cultivating next-generation human resources.


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