Simbang Gabi

At last the project is finished! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all!Here is the Final render. Enjoy!


This is a project that I make for this holiday season. I want to capture the essence of how Filipino celebrate Christmas. So I thought of something that will capture the Filipino culture every Christmas season. It came to my mind, and with the help of my partner, to make a short animation about "Simbang Gabi" or "Night Mass". 

"For Filipino Catholics the nine-day celebration before Christmas is a tradition with deep roots in the country's religious culture. The name comes from the Catholic custom of gathering for the celebration of the Eucharist in the pre-dawn hours on each of the nine days before Christmas. Hence, this celebration is also known by its popular Spanish name as the misa de gallo, or ``mass of the rooster.'' Catholic churches throughout the country will be ringing their bells around 3:00 or 3:30 in the morning long before the roosters crow.

The origins of this Filipino custom are obscure. Perhaps the tradition came from Mexico, like many Catholic practices and devotions found in the Philippines. One old Spanish name for this pre-Christmas series of daily masses is Misa de Aguinaldo. The phrase offers some insight into the meaning of simbang gabi. In Spanish aguinaldo means a gift. So Misa de Aguinaldo suggests a gift for the Child Jesus. Whatever its title, this pre-Christmas observance is surely a sacrifice of love for it requires dedication and discipline to get out of bed so early while yet fulfilling all one's daily duties." (from the Editorial of Manila Bulletin,  Online Edition)

The custom is kept among Filipinos living elsewhere in the world. No matter how or when this celebration takes place, the annual "simbang gabi" provides a strong indication of the depth of Catholicism in the hearts of Filipinos.



Simbang Gabi

The image above is a work-in-progress.Cool I created this church from scratch and slowly building it up, before Christmas hopefully. I plan to put trees here and there and little children running or singing carols of Christmas. I also plan to put vendors of "puto bongbong" and many others in the scene. So obviously its a long way to go. Bear with me. Wink. Anyway advance Merry, merry Christmas to all. I better get back to work!


Hey Good day to all. Today is December 19, its been a busy week. I got a training with one of our client regarding their website maintenance. I've been modeling the "Simbang Gabi" project for quite some time and I got a little update on this project. I've modeled the church completely and put primary textures on it. I started putting in some details on the vicinity like bench and trees. Other details will added on later  like people selling something, children running around, a family having a picnic together and will be animated like the camera movement and so on. It took me a little bit longer to model the church because I haven't modeled anything for the longest time. So here is the latest render of the church stuffed with trees. I hope you like it. Smile Stay tune next time. Thanks!

Simbang Gabi render2


Shifting to night timeWink. I started adding trees, lights, flowers, bushes and buildings from Lumion library.


I started adding some people on the scene. I also sort of enhance the interior of the church. Smile


And finally giving the scene a warm tonal values is what I sort of after.


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