Project Jeep

Project Jeep is a story about a boy going to school, and anything that can happen when you ride a jeepney. It’s a picture of a typical(really?) everyday life of a student. Cramming when exams are near, meeting deadlines, preparing for a report etc. And it all depends on how fast or slow the jeepney is to get to your destination. And sometimes when everything is prepared in your part, that’s when you will be having trouble riding a jeepney. This animation project aims to depict most of the things there is to happen when you ride a jeep and hopefully inject Filipino culture, values and humor…good, bad, exciting, glorious, embarrassing you name it. So watch out for it.

This is  sample render of the animation where you can see a boy named "Andoy" who is waiting for a jeep to arrive to get to school on time for his class. Too bad he has an exam and he is going to be late.

This image is still a work in progress. We still have to consider the visual development, composition and character design for the animation.

The picture below is the work-in-progress design of the jeep. We want to make it simple and concise to convey a message that riding a jeepney is quite refreshing; wind blowing on your hair due to its open-air design, a relatively large window opening so that you can sight-seeing and the like. We want to capture the essence of a jeep rather than its physical form.

Now, I want you all to meet Mr. Rudy, the driver (left). He sure looks tough and mean and scary, but don't let the look deceive you. This is still a work-in-progress render of the driver character. We are planning to develop him further to something that people can relate to and we also want to improve the character's design but we already like the look on his face, as if saying..."hmmm, don't mess with me".

The one on the right is the work-in-progress character design of Andoy. He still has a lot of work to do. The design mainly focus on the study habits of the character. His big head and eye-glasses indicates that he like to study. Contrasting to his small mouth and nose suggests he doesn't talk much and often shy away from people. With a short hand and big shoes, as if conveying that somehow he is seen by peers as the class clown and the flowing short hair suggests that he wants to be viewed as someone cool like a rockstar.




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