"Inside Out"

An Animation Film Review


Directed by:  Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen 

Produced by: Pixar Animation Studios

Released by: Walt Disney Pictures



Inside Out for me is a high-concept story for children below 7 years-old. First its kind weird, emotions are having "emotions", but perhaps that's kinda life is, complicatedly simple. I also wonder if children of target audience does already know the concept of REM sleep and sub conscious. The technical aspect aspects of the film are of no doubt, superb! What do you expect from Disney Pixar, they always pull-of this kind of quality. But as I said before this kind of style is common. It is becoming more of a signature style rather than a "new experience" for the audience. Its both good and bad, for me, because:

GOOD: As an artist, we have to establish a certain kind of style to your work for it to be coherent and it helps identify you as an artist.

NOT SO GOOD: If you want to be recognized an as artist by having a certain kind of style, then, in my mind, it is defeating the very purpose of art which creating a new experience and emotion for your audience, style-wise. Artist should focus more on creating new experiences rather than be recognized. But that's just me. hehe

This is a "double-edge sword" so to speak. As an artist, we are expected to have our own unique style, but also we are expected to explore more styles, and expose ourselves to different styles. Anyway, perhaps it is just a matter of time. When we are starting to become recognized, we would want to stick to a certain style and later experiment or vise versa. Then again art knows no boundaries. It is a borderless soul.

The storyline is good but predictable, since it is base on the inner workings of the pre-teen life of the main character, where there are so many issues in our personalities. But I really love the creativity they put in, the way they construct the mind of a person that is understandable to a child. I also love the design of the whole pacing and reminiscing of the story. But it got me thinking why they didn't think of the solution in the first place when they were stuck in the "Long term" memory banks. I feel like the directors deliberately didn't went on the obvious solution to make the story longer, which is kinda lame, logically speaking.

I was much surprised and saddened by the forgotten imaginary friend of the main character. We can learn from this in our story-telling, not to reveal too much at the beginning and on the trailer. Some characters should not be mention or be shown in the trailer.

For life lesson, I hope that people who watched the film was able to comprehend and take seriously its message that every emotion is important and it is essential that we understand them always, otherwise when we get blinded by pain, as a result we are not going to feel anything at all which will make us less human. I say keep on learning while watching any film technical wise, academically wise and emotionally wise so we can be life smart.

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You can watch the trailer here. Happy viewing!:


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