"Stand By Me Doraemon"


An Animation Film Review


Directed by:  Takashi Yamazaki and Ryūichi Yagi

Released by: Bang Zoom! Entertainment

Based on: Doraemon by Fujiko F. Fujio


Doreamon, is a fresh "eye-candy" to me. I really loved the style and the color palette in this animation movie. The Japanese did it again. No surprise with that! Also the quirky, beyond-life animation style is just remarkable. The expressions are unique while I felt the emotion that the animators would like to relay. I always thought how on earth did they do that? The characters are really expressive, it must have a really genius modeler and rigger behind that animation. It is just WOW! The shading and textures has a "closeness" feel to it. It reminds me of my life in the province, where people knew each other and greet each other often. They captured the sun's lighting just right, between realistic and cartoon. It reminds me of Fernando Amorsolo's paintings, on how he captured the lighting of the provinces here in our country. Really incredible

The story is a bit fast-paced, Doraemon & Nobita's relationship can be more established in the film even though viewers already know the characters and story of their friendship. Film makers I think should have treated this film as a brand new story. The film focused on Nobita's interest with Shizuka rather than how Doraemon and Nobita's relationship progressed. The gadgets are fun and hilarious as usual.

At some part of the film, Nobita's dumb and lazy nature is approaching to be annoying. He would like Doreamon to do the things for him. This is a lesson here that we need to grasp, specially children nowadays. We should not be too dependent on the "easy way out" of things in general, because it eventually develops to laziness. Laziness will eventually develops to being spoiled, then to unproductive and, so on. Sure, it is tempting if you have a friend like Doreamon who has cool gadgets for all occasions, which are efficient and saves time, but there are things in life that we should be patient about and deal with extra time and effort, and the rewards, even if you are not thinking about it, are great in the long run!

Doraemon is a 1969 comics and so popular that it is becoming an icon of Japan. It would be really great to have something like this in the Philippines. 

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