Song of the Sea is a beautiful Irish fantasy animation film produced by Cartoon Saloon, directed by Tomm Moore and  is perhaps one of the greatest animation movie I have ever seen for a while. I really love the watercolor wash style, the combination of earth colors, the simple but effective character designs and really artistic environment. Also the simple animation. This demonstrate that we don't have to design complicated characters for the film to work, but the marriage of all the simple elements(character designs, environment, story, visual and music) and how well they work together. The beauty is in the summation of all its parts. 

Irish culture, stories, music and beliefs are beautifully woven together into a magical adventure of the two siblings. I really love the music in this animation. Raw cultural music that has deeper meaning and not just chanting of words, but with real messages in every word, so people can look for it to find its meaning.

- Great storyline, with hook, spontaneous & dynamic

- Good Content (culture inclined with lots of adventure and mystery)

- Realistic sound in 2D environment

- Attractive art style for kids and kids at heart

- Personality of characters in the story are so natural and consistent 

How about you, what do you think?


'Song of the Sea' Trailer


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