I am staring at the vast galaxy before me...somehow thinking what would the stars do if they are human like me...The conciousness of humanity lies in the very essence of our mystery. We still dont have an answer about tthe bigger questions of life and why we exists. For thousand of years, many great human civilizations come and go. Each civilization is presumably greater than the previous one int erms of tools, the way we build things, the way we calculate things. But despite these supposedly great changes in human history, one undeniable truth remains - that somehow we haven't change how we interact with one another.

Though our technology progressed, our way of thinking and behaving somehow stuck in the ancient evolution of humanity. Our emotional well-being, our psychological make-up is basically the same though we have now a bigger brain in volume. Indeed one can say that the advancement of our technology doesn't necessarily mean an advancement in our human psyche.

As a species, we evolved dramatically intelligent but emotionally poor. One can say these things, because after all the advancement in most of the aspect of human civilization we still face basically the same problems in our everyday life,in our relationships with each other and other species,and in our relationship with ourselves.

On the other hand though, the human psyche is very complex to understand. While we just sitting or walking or dancing, there are trillions of trillions of calculations thats happening inside our body let alone our mind. And when we do just tiny changes in our activity, another trillions of complex data is running through system. Indeed we are complex. But one must say, we are using our complexities to know, not to understand.

To understand the human psyche is to understand the basic concepts of our existence. Perhaps thats where the problem lies, we never really try understand one another. Everyday, right after we are born, we are bombarded by information, advertising, commercialization, among other things.

These so-called basic necessity of life is always present in out daily lives. we seen it on TV, we heard it on the radio, we feel it all around us. And we are left thinking that these things are the essence of our existence. We somehow numb ourselves with all these corporate media telling us to buy things we don't probably need.

We created a system outside of ourselves. And we keep on searching for something, and the sad truth is we don't really know what we are looking for, as if something is gone inside us and we somehow hoped that these things to buy can lessen the burden of the mystery we are in. We are the only species who doesn't cooperate with each other yet we labeled ourselves as intellectuals, the top of the food chain. We somehow lack order in our mind and it manifests in our thougths, in our words, in our action. And the worst part is that we don't even know it. We are blind to see the essentials of life.

We are blind to see the intrinsic value of the web of life existing around us.

We only care for ourselves, our wallets, our waistlines.

We are numb in the heart.

We are numb in the spirit because of the artificial system we created that we thought is ok and now has become the most important thing for us.

The human psyche is still in its infancy. What is happening in the world today like global warming and human trafficking cannot be solve by technology. Because the technology must have a mind acting upon it to exist and to work. The problem we face today is not a political issue, nor an economic issue but is more of a moral issue. If we still allow these issues to happen, even though we have lots of data supporting that we must change our ways in order for our planet to survive and everything in it, then we do really have a problem in our way of thinking. Without a home, everything that we hoped and dream for will be in vain.


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