Most of us think in terms of numbers, as if numbers govern our daily lives. Our own definition of existence dwell on the tangibility of things. If we can measure and quantify it, we allow our shelves to think it exist. How can we quantify beauty, creativity, trust or freedom? Yet we longed for these things and some of us  are willing to die for these ideas to surface into the commonality of human existence.

When I was a child, i used to think that the world is so big and full of wonders. Wonders that anyone can hardly imagine. I like the idea of flying up into the clouds and touch it. And I remember thinking that I can actually sit on it for as long as I want. It is quite majestic to look at the clouds, as if they are telling you something, something that was long-forgotten by most of us. Its beam of light from the sun is quite astounding, revealing the sun slowly, contemplating gracefully. I wonder whether a cloud can talk or not and if it can, what will it say to me? What secrets of the universe will it reveal to me?

Now, I am in this culture where there is a need for speed. A culture that has no time to contemplate, as if we invented something that will kill us if we slow it down. Everything is instant. Instant gratification, instant message, instant husband, instant wife, instant baby, instant noodles. And almost everything has a formula, a formula on the emotions and thoughts of humanity. We are govern by these set of formulas and somehow proclaim them as our god. But the question in my mind is that, does these formulas really can summarized the complexity and beauty of our existence? How is it that something so big and complex can fit into charts, lists and formulas? Now don't get me wrong, while the importance of having a simplified version of things can somehow help us understand our daily lives, but can it really fuel our souls, our hearts to go on living? Can it really help us comprehend or rather feel the things that is beyond measurement, beyond understanding, beyond the corner reaches of our very soul? Can it really help us see the truth of our existence?

I told you about clouds because they remind me of how things were, when I was kid. Far away from all this never-ending race to nothingness. These visual poetry in the skies are just taking there time, as if they all have the time in the world, as if they are reminder to sometimes slow down and relax a little bit in this fast-paced culture that we created. The clouds reminded me to break-free from the chain that was wrapped around me. Breaking free from the cage of human turmoil of who is better than who. Breaking free from all the formulas and start to sense things differently.

A single thread in a tapestry though its colors brightly shine, can never see its purpose of the pattern of a grand design.The stone that sits on the very top of a mountain's mighty face, does it think it's more important than the stones that forms the base? Tell me, if a man loses everything he owns, does he truly lost his worth, or is it just a beginning of a new and brighter birth? Where does our value of life lie? How can we see what our life is worth? We cannot look at it in the eyes on men. But instead, look up and jump in the clouds, unbound yourself from the invisible cage and see your life through heaven's eye.


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The mission of Amihan Studios is to showcase Filipino Identity - its values and culture by producing original multimedia designs and video animations to inspire nationalistic endeavors for social and cultural development. 

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