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About Amihan

Amihan Studios is a Philippine Creative studio that specializes in the field of animation and design, producing multimedia design and video animation. We aspire to create high-quality computer graphics ranging from advertising to short animation films.



   Amihan Studios envisions itself as a globally recognized company in the Animation and Design industry, the front-liner in producing original Filipino content.



   The mission of Amihan Studios is to showcase Filipino Identity– its values and culture by producing original multimedia designs and video animations to inspire nationalistic endeavours for social and cultural development. 

We also hope to inspire other Filipino artists and studios to create, develop and produce original Filipino content representing Filipino culture that we can present and share to the world.


Why "Amihan"?

   The word Amihan refers to the season dominated by the trade winds, which are experienced in the Philippines as a cool northeast wind as an indication of a new direction or change in the Philippine islands’ climate. It is also a bird in the Philippine mythology. According to the Tagalog folklore, Amihan is the first creature to inhabit the universe, along with the gods called Bathala and Aman Sinaya. In the legend, Amihan described as a bird who soar so high that it can reach the heavens and who saves the first human beings, Malakas and Maganda from a bamboo plant.  

   Like the wind Amihan, Amihan Studios would like set as a new direction to Philippine Animation industry. AS would also like to make a difference, a change to the organizations by giving edge to their endeavors through our services. Like the mystical god Amihan, AS would like to be a front-liner, pioneering studio that continuously producing original content animation that showcases Filipino culture and values. Like Amihan, together with our business partners-our clients, AS would like to soar high and proud in the horizon towards reaching our respective visions and success!


Why Animation is the chosen medium?

Communication, spreading a message to the world:

One giant step further to a stage where animation is all about communication; a way to explain (complex) ideas and concepts, and get your story not only heard but also seen.


With animation we can tell a story in 90 seconds that would take someone 15 minutes to read. Most importantly, animation is a great engagement tool, you're hooked to the screen, watching and listening and eventually retaining 70% of all you see and hear at the same time. It    effortlessly captures the attention of learners everywhere. Empowering and motivating people from different places with different backgrounds to understand subjects in an entertaining and engaging manner. 

In this digital information age, it is appropriate to create contents using digital platforms because more and more young people are expose in the internet. This is an investment in influencing young Filipinos on what information they view on the digital platform.



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The mission of Amihan Studios is to showcase Filipino Identity– its values and culture by producing original multimedia designs and video animations to inspire nationalistic endeavors for social and cultural development. 

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Makati City, Philippines

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